Finally, it Changed.


So, big update here. I have found a new job. I think I’m one step closer to figuring out /remembering how to Adult. Doubtful, I still have plenty other short comings that will slowly make their way here.
But, it’s nice that this puts me back on my feet. Loosing my job was hard for me. I’ve never been 100% without a job, even for [Insert theme park art company name here] was a guarantee seasonal position. I always had something to fall back on. This problem was a sobering one, that hit me harder than it honestly should have, but it made me realize that I do need to make some changes in my life.

Over the past few months, I’ve edited me shopping habits. I’ve stopped shopping at Walmart and just accepting my downward spiral into spending at a giant corporation that grossly underpays it’s employees, and attracts the slums of suburban trailer parks, and, I upgraded to Foodlion, another large but not so large, corporation that attracts the local Suburban Soccer moms who are tired of overpaying for the same exact crap. Hey, it’s a start, but, I am saving a considerable amount of money.

I’m writing again, in order to get myself on track, and some sort of outlet for things that I honestly have no control over, like life. I have no control over my own life.

But, back on subject, this is a change. My ultimate goal is to get myself settled, get our family back on our feet, and to live comfortably, and happily. That’s all I want, a happy home, and happy family, and peace. Peace for us.

Well, enough of the brain vomit, this post probably made no real sense today.

Ginger over, and out for today.


Remembering Yourself


So I’m one week into the laid off life, and sorry for the lack of posting, we are battling the stomach bug super virus. Also, excuse this post if it lacks any structure, I have my fever back, and it’s effecting my ability to brain.

On to the post!

So today, I wanted to remind people that is is easy to lose yourself in your own pity and self loathing when bad things happen. But it’s okay, you just need to learn to let it go.
If it’s because you were laid off like me, just remember, it’s not personal, it’s business. Which, honestly, it is. Think about it, if you were laid off as a group, it’s probably due to many deciding factors, pay, amount of time worked, or just how you played the game, and trust me, even the most professional work places, play the game. You need to go into a job remembering that yes, Hard-work will get you places, but diplomacy will get you further.

Like my friend John stated to me, “Do you think they want to keep the person who argued with them over the validity of Iron Maiden as a band?” (WHICH IT IS. I DID NOT MEAN IRON MAN BY BLACK SABBATH YOU UNCULTURED SWINE BOSS PERSON.)
The answer is no. There is a time and place to (subtly) tell them they’re wrong. But in front of a whole group of people is NOT the place. Unless you have a strong sense of mutual respect, don’t correct people above you in front of your team, who they are managing. It degrades them, and makes it harder for them to do their job. If it’s so important that it needs to be said, then sure, speak with them in private, but if it’s not…let it go.
Please, just let it go. There are so many ways where I myself have had issues with this. Managing people is not easy, in fact, it’s really hard. Really….really….hard. Why? Because people will either try to kiss your ass in their own ambition to make it to the top, or to tear you down. You need to make friends with the ass kisser, and at times, become one. Not to a point where you’re degrading yourself, but strike up friendly conversation. Get on their level. If they like a similar subject to you, get on board! Talk about it. Try to relate to them. I forgot how to do this, because I deliberately tried to escape the politics of my former work place, and I forgot that all business rely on these to function.

If you want to get ahead, play the game. Stop trying to just be a hard worker, and not play their game. Do both! Work hard, and play. Be diplomatic, and intelligent. They will respect you for it. That is how you get ahead in the work place.
People will ALWAYS subconsciously play favorites. So try to be someone who impresses them in multiple ways, they’ll remember you, and they will trust you. When you reach this mutual level of respect, keep it up. Don’t get cocky, pull them aside on important issues still, and stop trying to make it a focal point whenever they walk into the room.

As my grandmother always said, and every grandmother before, during, and since her time “You will catch more flies with Honey, than with Vinegar”
It applies to the work place. Learn to play the game, learn the diplomacy of every office, and whether you like it or not, politics will always have it’s own place in every business, and it’s out of our control.

Re-imagining my Potential.


So. I am faced right now with a very sobering truth. I am a 24 year old, teenage mom, and a GED. Which, in case no one has thoroughly explained this to you, is the equivalent of not having a degree. It doesn’t matter to the outside world that I was having a baby, and I needed to be finished with school before that. That just makes me look even worse. It doesn’t matter that I had high scores on each test.
What matters is, I have a piece of paper, that tells the world. At one point in my life, I gave up. It’s hard to look past that, and sometimes, I feel like I get passed over due to this. My GED doesn’t mean I don’t work hard, that I don’t apply myself. It doesn’t mean that I am incapable of succeeding in life, nor does it mean that I am a failure. It means I at least tried to graduate, instead of dropping out, and giving up completely.
Now if only there was enough room to put that on my resume, and interviewers actually read that junk.

But onto a serious note regarding jobs. What is it with these assessments? Have employers really become so lazy, that instead of meeting people face to face, and sizing them up, and learning who they are, they use a test, that has nothing to do with job strengths, or really anything for that matter? Like honestly. I feel like I’m taking a Buzzfeed personality test, or for you Old Schoolers out there, a poorly written Quizilla IQ test.
Here’s a gem; “Joey stole from the register, and you snitched on him. So now Joey is telling everyone not to trust you,” and it’s followed up by these questions where you’re obviously going to answer “I did it because he’s in the wrong. Stealing is bad. I’m not going to let this affect me” answers. So what is the point? Are we disconnected with reality and from other people that we can’t take the time to ask these ourselves? Are too busy to reach out to potential candidates, meet them face to face, and learn them?
I know it’s because there’s so many people job hunting, and it’s an easy way to weed people out, but when every single test is the exact same assessment, reworded to sound different, you aren’t learning the real people. You’re training people to answer with what you want to hear, making it hard to discern good candidates, from good liars.

Think on it.

Ginger out.

Laid Off


So, I think that I received the sign I needed that I did in fact, need a change. So, thus. This blog is now going to be nicknamed the “Laid Off Diaries.”

To start off, I’m not writing this to ‘get back at corruption’. It was honestly a matter of a quick decision, and I didn’t make the cut.

So, here’s where this story begins…

On Feburary 27th, I walked into work. I normally have a very strong intuition, and the day did not feel right. The air in the office was stagnant, and just the appearance of how quiet it was compared to it’s normal deafening silence was a sure signal.

Six of us were taken over to the Sales Side, and at that point, we were informed that we were no longer employed, and we were speaking with a HR Consultant to explain to us individually what was happening, and what our options were.
My husband was included in that, as we were both employees of *Insert Security Company Here*.
We were devastated. This was our only source of income, and with two small children at home, the news was just, it was wrong. It was hurtful. I’m still hurt over the matter, my pride mostly. But, this is the opportunity for us to do better.

So, on that note. The job hunt thus far has been difficult. My husband’s record is shoddy, due to a misdemeanor from a time where he was a completely different person, young, stupid, reckless. The average young man in a small town with no outlet for his own problems. That an a birth defect that causes him to need sunglasses during the day, or under bright lights…He’s a winner, but he’s my winner.
We both acquired job interviews for the same day at a generic insurance company, but, apparently did not pass their silly test, as a friend said “Practice Interview!” I guess so. It reminded me that if I’m not prepared before-hand, I am terrible at interviews, but, I also found out my husband has improved, and now excels.
So, a bright light in any situation.

I’m not sure what the future holds for us at this point in the story. We’ve had a dramatic plot twist, our lives are disrupted…but if there’s one thing I know for sure. We flourish in stressful situations. These situations always result in us coming out better than before, and as people always say, the only way to go when you hit bottom, is ‘Up.’

Ginger signing off.

The New Begining


My name Is Krystal. Krys for short. I go by a multitude of various Nicknames. Apparently the most popular is Red….or B!tch. However you prefer to look at it. If you can’t tell by the Nickname red, I’m a redhead. It literally does define me accord to 100% of the population. So, I guess I’ll accept I am a giant genetic mutation. (I also have blue eyes. More mutations!)
I’m starting this blog because at one time. A long long time ago…I was really damned good at writing. That’s past tense, because well, two kids and too long out of High School later, I’ve lost all ability to brain or grammar.
My goal in the long run is to just start writing again. I mean come on. I have this blog, as well as a fun blog on Blogspot. So I will posting to both of these as much as I can. Which, you will notice won’t be everyday.
I do work a full time job, and raise two kids, and, well, I have stuff to do. But, again, this is my hope to try and start writing again.
I don’t plan on being a famous writer, I don’t even plan on being Amazon Famous (come on people, it’s not that hard). I just want to get back to my roots, try thing \s again, cook new recipes, and express myself. So on that note, I shall be posting my attempts at new things, and how they go for me.
I will also be posting things I support, and fight for. Including, but not limited to:
Suicide Awareness and Help
Reproductive Rights
Preventing and Stopping Shaken Baby Syndrome
Autism Awareness.

So, people. let’s get to this.